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AleXX in Sheep's Clothing

In fact, everything is not as it seems. Each of us has a secret. For some people its the secret of their lives. The real mystery! But every secret sooner or later becomes clear...
AleXX GOAT IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING is a limited edition packaging design of the famous Ukrainian brandy, dedicated to the 2015 Year of the Green Goat on the Chinese calendar.

Packaging design

AleXX GOAT IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING has got a very unusual design for the New Year AleXX series. Packaging was made in a Gothic style emphasizing the complex and mysterious nature of the brand.
Our talented artists created an illustration depicting a daring and wayward goat hiding under the skin of an innocent sheep. This image symbolized the duality inherent in brand positioning and revealed the difficult temperament of the animal, patronizing 2015.
For the packaging the unique material to this segment was used. AleXX was the first that entered in the Ukrainian alcohol market in a tin tube, once again confirming the status of the country's most innovative alcohol brand. A complex combination of matte and glossy varnishes combined with a convex sheepskin relief made it possible to achieve the effect of a figure appearing from the dark, and the “ragged” graphic style brought the drawing closer to the gloomy character of medieval engravings.
The packaging design of AleXX GOAT IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING has been awarded by many national and international festivals.

Graphic design: Anna Simanovych
PhotographyAnatoly Kasyan


All the laws of creation are based on the unity of the opposing forces. Each particle of the universe also has a natural duality. As in cognac the softness of taste is combined with the strength of the drink aged in a barrel, as in some people completely incompatible combinations get along together. Sometimes these combinations are so contradictory that some of us unwittingly have to hide our secrets under a “mask” that acceptable to the social system.
Within the brand’s communications company, a key visual image and provocative calendar “I GOT SECRET” was developed. It turns out that an inconspicuous librarian girl sometimes hides strange objects on bookshelves, a cute seamstress can use her needle for other purposes, and a shy schoolgirl ussually carry in her school bag completely extraneous things.
You can download the full calendar

Idea: Anna Simanovych
Copywriying: Oleksii Simanovych
Photography: Sonya Plakiduk
Photography post-processing: Anna Simanovych