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AleXX Red Fire Monkey

AleXX RED FIRE MONKEY is a limited edition version of the New Year's packaging design of the famous Ukrainian brandy dedicated to the Year of the Red Fire Monkey according to the Chinese calendar.

Packaging design

For AleXX RED FIRE MONKEY, an exquisite packaging was developed with an illustration of a monkey carrying fire. This symbol indicated the secret knowledge stored by this wise animal - the patron saint of 2016 and, at the same time, sent allusions to brandy, in the birth of which the fire element plays a huge role.
The image of a monkey detailed with an iridescent ornamental pattern was realized using complex combination printing on metalized foil with lamination technology. As a result, the brand received a unique package that stood out in retail with a play of matte and glossy surfaces when moving past the trading shelf, and consumers have a bright and stylish New Year's “fetish” for the festive table.
Cognac, packed in an AleXX RED FIRE MONKEY tube, showed the highest level of sales in the brand’s history.

Graphic design: Anna Simanovych
PhotographyAnatoly Kasyan


In support to the brand’s advertising company Krylia FMCG Branding developed an alternative evolution theory from AleXX, embodied in the original key visuals and 12-page calendar ‘ANTROPOGENESIS’.
Encyclopedia Britannica claims that the labor made a man from a monkey. AleXX is sure that fashion, social life and glamour created Woman much earlier. Calendar events take place in the Stone Age. Inventive cave women are trying to lead a secular life in the difficult conditions of the Paleolithic era. One "cavewoman" is trying hard to iron out the pelt of her husband leaving for work, another primeval fashionista is shopping in a fig leaf boutique, and the third is trying to fix a broken heel with a stone hammer.
You can download the full calendar

Idea: Oleksii Simanovych
Photography: Dmitry Peretrutov
Photography post-processing: Anna Simanovych