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AleXX Space Evolution

ALEXX Space Evolution is limited edition exclusive brandy released to the unique astronomical phenomena Planetary Alignment 2012.

Packaging design

Unique event, which happens once every few thousand years, when the planets of the solar system are aligned, was the main stylistic reason for a ‘space’ package design.
In order to contrast with the fiery sunny color of the drink, a bottle from bright glossy blue glass was offered. Strict label with cold gleam of the logotype was emphasizing the character of the product. As the external gift package for ALEXX Space Evolution, was designed stylish ultramarine tube made with printing on metallic foil.

Graphic design: Platon Ivantsov
 Anatoly KasyanPlaton Ivantsov


In support of the ALEXX image campaign there was conducted a promotional photo session, the main heroes of which became magnificent ‘cosmic goddess’, demiurges of the universe, captured during the creation. The photo session itself was carried out using high-power light projector, exposing landscapes, planets, meteors, and other elements of cosmic matter at star models. Work resulted in bright futuristic key-visuals and image calendar of ALEXX Space Evolution. You can download full calendar here, watch the interesting filming process here.

Idea: Platon Ivantsov
 Dmitry Peretrutov



As a non-typical promotion for ALEXX Space Evolution brandy was used a unique certificate giving the right to become the owner of 5 cosmic hectares of the ‘land’ at the ALEXX planet (yes, such planet really exists in the constellation of the Great Bear).
Krylia FMCG Branding developed the design of this certificate, as well as supporting the ‘cosmic campaign’ of ALEXX Space Evolution with POS-materials throughout the promotional period.

Graphic design: Platon Ivantsov