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AleXX brandy

ALEXX – the innovative brand in Fusion style was created to change all pre-existing stereotypes in the perception of brandy, its representing and consumption. ALEXX represents the new modern life style – bright, dynamic and unpredictable. Brave, uninhibited brand ALEXX combines elegance and temperament, the solidity and frenetic pace of life, the rigor and sexuality. ALEXX was created to break the regulations, break outdated traditions and create new ones.


For the ALEXX campaign of 2013 Krylia FMCG Branding decided to play ‘hide and seek’, ‘Chinese jump rope’, ‘broken telephone’ and other popular children's games. Provocative concept formed the basis of ALEXX Games photo session, which was using the unchanging ALEXX brand slogan ‘taste of adult games’. We imagine how the favorite games from childhood might look if they were played by four half-naked models, which tasted sensual ALEXX brandy.
The result of the ‘games’ is a 12-page calendar-transformer and four erotic advertising prints for the press. You can download full calendar 
here, watch filming background here.

Idea: Aleksey Simanovych
Photography: Dmitry Peretrutov
Photography post-processing: Anna Demchenko

Industrial design

Specially for ALEXX, Krylia FMCG Branding developed a unique ‘brandy filling station’ of ALEXX Drink Station, used in the high-status establishments HoReCa as innovative storage for delivering the beverage to large consumers company.

Industrial design: Platon Ivantsov