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Askania brandy

Filled with tenderness of vanilla and oak flavor with amazing taste of walnut and hop shade, unforgettable soft aftertaste is the result of a long decade assimilation of this stunning Askania brandy.

Packaging design

Krylia FMCG Branding made re-design of Askania brandy, and as a result, brand has got its distinct visual identifiers, which allowed to establish the clear association with the organoleptic characteristics of the product.
The wood of oak barrels in which the noble brandies are aged, became the main stylistic theme of the labels. The whole set of labels was styled on tree bark texture. Also, we intentionally ‘facilitated’ the bottle neck with thin collar label, so that the natural cork of Askania would be visible, thereby creating the package’s composite vertical.
Gift box of Askania brandy has a unique design. The bottle in a box can be exposed in two ways. It can be put separately before the box, and it can be demonstrated in a special box-frame that surrounds the bottle. Frame’s window was used in such a way, that it could demonstrate the color beauty of twelve age brandy to the maximum and make it the key element of the design.

Graphic design: Aleksey Simanovych
Photography: Anatoly Kasyan, Platon Ivantsov


In collaboration with a wonderful photographer Anatoly Kasyan the concept of ‘brandy born from the oak’ has appeared, which was then demonstrably incarnated in key-visual of Askania.

Idea: Anatoly Kasyan, Aleksey Simanovych
Photography: Anatoly Kasyan
Photography post-processing: Positive Pictures