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Kagor Inkerman wine

Aged in oak barrels Kagor from Inkerman captivates by its dark ruby color, smooth, velvety, taste with noticeable tannins and rich aroma with notes of plum and vanilla.

Packaging design

Krylia FMCG Branding offered quite a radical solution on redesigning, abandoning the existing engraved image of the of St. Nicholas Church, and proceeding to the strict font composition of the label. Kagor got the colour of dark chocolate at the background and complex hot stamping in 2 foils, associating with church gold glitter by its colour play.
Kagor design became clearly recognizable in the Inkerman range and got direct identification with the church wine.
Since 2012, after conducted the redesign and through present, Inkerman Kagor is the sales leader among all kagor wines in Ukraine.

Graphic design: Aleksey Simanovych
Anatoly Kasyan