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Jatone Cigar Reserve

Jatone Cigar Reserve is the first cognac in Ukraine created by cognac masters in synergy with the best cigar experts as the perfect accompaniment giving the opportunity to discover and supplement the taste of a cigar at all stages of smoking. A blend of Jatone Cigar Reserve alcohols suits most mid-strong Cuban, Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars. This is the only Ukrainian cognac, the blend of which includes 1981 alcohol.

Packaging design

Working on packaging our team sought to clearly and concisely convey to the very limited and imperative audience the essence of the brand, created specifically for cigar smokers. The very specifics of the unique product pushed on the idea to pack the bottle in a cylindrical tube in the form of a lit cigar. 
By the complex combination of matte and glossy varnishes, the effect of a compound texture of a tobacco leaf and an ash top was achieved. A bottle of simple but elegant shape was selected for this brandy. It was decided to execute the label in a concise font design, directed to convey in detail all the unique characteristics of the product: the limited party (each bottle has its own individual number), authorship of the blend of the famous master P. Telnenko, age and uniqueness of the spirits included in the blend.
As a result, the brand received its clear visual identifiers, which made it possible to create a clear association with the organoleptic characteristics of the product. The packaging of Jatone Cigar Reserve was evaluated both by the client’s trading partners (alcoholic boutiques, cigar clubs and HoReCa elite establishments), and directly by the target audience of the luxury segment of the domestic alcohol market.

Graphic design: Maria Diduk
Photography: Anatoly Kasyan



For advertising support of the product, an advertising photo session was held in glossy status publications, in which a bottle of Jatone CigarReserve was placed in the mysterious atmosphere of fog creeping through the water. The backstage of an exciting shooting process using dry ice can be viewed here.

Idea: Oleksii Simanovych
Anatoly Kasyan