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Kherson brandy

Collector’s brandy Kherson, the blend of which consists of alcohols, aged at no less than fifteen years, and which won numerous awards at the prestigious international exhibitions, became a unique opportunity for Krylia FMCG Branding to work with real luxury-segment of the domestic alcohol market.

Packaging design

While working on Kherson we decided to completely abandon the label and proceeded to the design of the bottle by applying decal. The important role in the design procedure also played the innovative technology of glass engraving. Wild broad steppes of Kherson, depicted at the back side of the bottle, created a spatial perspective, and conciseness of branding of the front face ensured the lightness and atmospheric perception.
Gift box was made from wood and laminated with elite designer cardboard, which became a luxury mount for the fine bottle. The inside of the box is covered with flocking material, imitating velvet.

Graphic design: Aleksey Simanovych, Anna Demchenko
Photography: Anatoly Kasyan. Platon Ivantsov


While developing Kherson key-visual, Krylia FMCG Branding in laconic suggestion tried to convey the concept of unity with nature and bring free spirit of boundless Kherson steppes, which are the ancestral home of the famous tavrian vineyards.

Idea: Aleksey Simanovych
Photography: Anatoly Kasyan
Photography post-processing: Positive Pictures