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Medoff vodka

The feature of the soft taste of MEDOFF vodka is gaining due to the unique technology of cleaning with honey, which is considered an ideal natural filter. Innovative filtration system ‘honey rain’ allows to clean the drink at the molecular level and receive crystal clear vodka with the distinctive mild taste.

Packaging design

Krylia FMCG Branding carried out the restyling of MEDOFF, the main task of which was the visualization of the unique filtration technology using honey and transferring the mild taste concept.
While working on the packaging, the innovative typographical printing technologies were used. The updated label with patented I-Touch ™ effect is a characteristic design element of MEDOFF; it gives a pleasant tactile sensation and differs the original product from adulteration. Stylish textured I-Touch ™ ‘points’ symbolize honey micro particles, used in vodka filtering. Smooth rounded shapes of the labels convey taste softness.
New unique tamper proof cap with improved protection elements were also developed for MEDOFF vodka.

Graphic design: Anna Demchenko
Photography: Anatoly Kasyan, Platon Ivantsov