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Tavria brandy

House of Vintage Brandies ‘Tavria’ is one of the oldest and largest wineries in Ukraine, and it is already the second century during which, it has been creating its amazing brandies which keep magical harmony of tavrian steppes and fill the heart with feeling of fullness and brightness of life.
Tavria is much more than just a client for our company. It is the brand with which we have more than 7 years of collaboration, strong friendship and close partnership. Krylia FMCG Branding during a long period was giving full support for all tavrian brands and are sincere fans of their wonderful Brandies.

Packaging design

In 2011, Tavria brand underwent the global redesign.
A new elegant modern bottle was developed, maintaining continuity with the classic ergonomic shape of the tavrian bottle.
Series of labels, using the color palette, brave enough for the Ukrainian market of brandy, has selected Tavria among competitors. A distinctive element of package has become satin ribbon connecting the label with gold medallion in the form of medal, symbolizing the multiple awards won by Tavrian brandies at the international tasting competitions. Medallion with symbolic image of Tavria emblem identified one more recognizable package identifier, and eventually became the permanent heraldic sign of the House of Vintage Brandies.
For the 8-year-old vintage brandy Tavria Kakhovka Lux, Krylia FMCG Branding designed the gift package – metal tube with tones of velvety black combined with silver, using the unique at that time in the country, soft touch technology.

Graphic design: Aleksey Simanovych
ography: Anatoly Kasyan. Platon Ivantsov


During seven years of cooperation, FMCG Branding Krylia were involved in more than 10 major promotion projects.
Especially memorable for ourselves, we consider the company in 2012, which, together with the photographer Anatoly Kasyan, by the means of complicated pyrotechnic experiments, we tried to convey the irresistible fiery temper of Tavria brandies.

Idea: Platon Ivantsov
Photography: Anatoly Kasyan
Photography post-processing: Positive Pictures


There was developed a huge amount of promotion and POS-materials, brand attributes, presentation and promotional gifts for Tavria.

Graphic design: Platon Ivancov, Anna Demchenko


Krylia FMCG Branding made the redesign of Tavria logo, modernizing it and increasing readability, while keeping stylistic continuity with the original typography.
We also have conducted a huge work on structuring and organizing the corporate identity of Tavria and bringing all possible carriers of the brand to the one sample. The result was a multipage Brand Book, used in all branches and offices of Tavria in Ukraine and abroad.

Graphic design: Aleksey Simanovych, Platon Ivatsov